about us

Rockingstone Information Technology was founded in 1997 by Jelle Samshuijzen, an entrepreneur who expanded his publishing activities to develop internet and software solutions. His goal was to set up a software company that provides quality and service at relatively low cost. This was made possible by keeping the company relatively small with a select group of professionals - a successful philosophy that stood stance for over 10 years. By keeping the company small we can provide quality at attractive rates, making software available to companies of all sizes. Our small and efficient team of experts have built up an impressive level of expertise in many areas of software and website development. This is why we can provide software solutions that are fully integrated with internet solutions. Rockingstone is currently active in providing advanced I.T. solutions, designing and hosting advanced websites, providing solutions for large-scale databases and ever-developing new software solutions to stay ahead in today's demanding world of technology.

The name "Rockingstone" originates from the Rocking Stone (Y Garreg Siglo), a stack of two large ice-age stones at the center of a stone circle situated on top of a hill in Pontypridd, U.K. The large Rocking Stone can be rocked with little effort. For us Rockingstone symbolises the little effort that is required to have a large effect.