software development

Our versatile software allows us to provide you with customized solutions that suit you, your business and your staff. Our experts will discuss with you how your business operates and which activities are carried out by the personnel. We will distill a model of your company and translate this into a software oriented model. A prototype of the software is developed and evaluated in coordinance with you and your staff. The final product comes with on-site training, instruction, and support. We aim to make the transition to our software as smooth as possible.

Our software can either be installed as a standalone program or as a multi-user network/internet version. The software has an integrated database engine that has been fully developed by our software engineers. Our database engine has proven to be fast, reliable and rubust. Our software is fully customizable, allowing us to create forms, fields, functions, custom exports and print options that fit your needs. Our software also supports many features such as TCP, FTP and SMTP, and can therefore be configured to communicate through the internet with other software, your website and even your customers. Our team of software engineers are experienced in communicating with other software companies, so if need be we can interface our software with third-party software and internet solutions that your company may already be using.

We are fully aware that good software and a good website can form the backbone of a company. Software should not only aid your customer, but also aid the personnel, suppliers, the marketing department and the management. Well-constructed software provides useful and critical information to all departments.