Seal ring
Parthian. Copper alloy seal ring.
Late 1st millennium BC, sheep with lamb, 22mm, old label ‘Iraq 1956’ With impression in red wax.
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Antieke lakzegel Jan Blankenberg Kaap de Goede Hoop 1743.
Formaat zegel ca. 25 x 27 mm.
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Hemispheroid seal
Mesopotamian. Hemispheroid seal.
Prehistoric, 5th-4th millennium BC, red jasper, stylised quadruped, suspension hole, 21mm. With impression in red wax.
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Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorwegmaatschappij
Lakzegel Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorwegmaatschappij ca. 1845
Diameter ca. 35 mm. met afbeelding locomotief (De Arend?) Zeer zeldzaam.
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Cylinder seal
Anatolian. Blue serpentine cylinder seal,
Circa 3000 BC, various motifs, 30mm x 9mm. With impression in red wax.
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Cylinder seal
Sumerian. White veined marble cylinder seal.
Jemdet Nasr Period, circa 3100-2900 BC, running antelope, 17mm x 13mm. With impression in red wax.
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