Manurhin micrometer
Vintage. With the original leather box + - For accurately measuring of the thickness of paper
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Paper weighing scale
Antique Paper weighing scale made by Louis Schopper Leipzig. Made of iron with brass parts.
Engraved text on brass "Gramm per (symbol: square) Meter, bei 10 x 10 cm." Engraved text at the top:: "D.R.P" Engraved text: "NR. 42283". Height: 42 cm. The idea is to weigh a piece of paper measuring 10 x 10 cm. to determine the weight per square meter of the paper.
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Preciision weighing scale
Schmidt AR-300 complete with cutter
Digital scale. Made originally for defining the weight per square meter of textile and paper.en is op één honderdste gram nauwkeurig, tot een maximum van 300 gram. Of course it can also be used as a very precise weighing scale. Up to 1 hundredth of a milimeter. The roundcutter is made for cutting a round piece with a surface of exactly 100 square centimeters. Cutter blade needs renewing.
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Weighing scales
Antique wooden weighing scales that was in use at the paper factory Van Gelder in Velsen in the north of Holland.
Total length 110 cm. The size of the plateau is 55x55cm. Made in Germany. It was in use untill the seventie in the paper factory that started in 1896.
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