Pauli, Lori & McElhone, John
19th Century British Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada
Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada. 180 pages, illustrated. Paperback
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Ponting Herbert
Another World: Photographs in the United States, Asia, Europe & Antarctica 1900-1912, HJP Arnold.
Published by Sidgwick & Jackson, 1975. 1st Ed. 4to. 128pp.
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Stauder, Monique
Latitude zero
Schilt Publishing, 2012. 256 pp. 37x279x221 mm 9789053307199 ¶ A 25,000-mile odyssey begins at the mouth of the Amazon River, moving westward and documenting the precious pact between humanity and nature within one degree north and south of latitude zero through three South American countries and 11 African nations.
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Tillim, Guy
Second Nature
Prestel, 2012. 112 pp. 20x295x300 mm 9783791346908 ¶ In reading the accounts of the artists who accompanied Captain James Cook to French Polynesia, Guy Tillim was interested to note that among the captain’s crew was an artist who struggled with the problem of how to convey such an idyllic landscape. Addressing the same challenge, Tillim has created a beautiful, almost mesmerizing series of photographs that offer their own answers. Taken at face value, these images are at once gorgeous,…
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Witkin, Joel-Peter
Joel-Peter Witkin
Delpire Editeur. French & English text. 304 pp. With dust jacket. 2851072595
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