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Monumenta Boica Volumen Decimum volume 10, Edidit Acad, Scientiar. Maximilianea

Monachii (München), Akademische Buchhandlung,1768. 600 pp. + index. Hardback. 22 x 18 cm. With 15 plates
21 x 17 cm. On some pages comments and underlining mostly with pencil.Foxing throughout. The Monumenta Boica (MB) are a collection of sources on the history of Bavaria in the Middle Ages. It was published by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences from 1763 to 1956. Almost all volumes appeared in Munich between 1763 and 1916, followed by stragglers in 1932 (vol. 50: documents of the Hochstift Eichstätt II) and 1956 (vol. 54: Regensburger Urkundenbuch II ). The first volume was published in 1763 under the direction of Christian Friedrich Pfeffel von Kriegelstein (1726–1807). With the help of numerous employees and the support of the electoral academy, he and his successors succeeded in gaining access to the monastery archives in order to copy the documents there. The Monumenta Boica were considered an exemplary company for the development of regional historical sources. "Never before has a diplomatic work come so far as these excellent collections, which will do eternal honor to the founder of the institute, the late Elector Maximilian," wrote the Latest Litteratur der Geschichtskunde (IV / 1780, p. 71). (Wikipedia)

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