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Rolls of Parliament. Rotuli Parliamentorum Ut Et Petitiones Et Placita In Parliamento 1275-1504 in 8 volumes. Seven volumes, folio, being the complete edition of Parliamentary Rolls as published + the Index Volume

1767-1777 Collected and arranged by R. Blyke, P. Morant, T. Astle, & J. Topham. Ed. J. Strachey. 7 vols. London: 1767-1777. The index volume was published in 1832. Bookplate J.R. Lander (author of Government and Community: England, 1450-1509) in all volumes. Cloth binding with black leather title shields. Size: 41 x 28 cm. Some spots on the cloth of the bindings. Extremely rare complete set. Total: 8 volumes
In the early decades of the eighteenth century, the English government sponsored a series of editorial initiatives aimed to publish state records for official consultation. 17 volumes of Foedera, edited by Thomas Rymer (1642/3-1713) [2], had been published by 1717, and the multi-volume sets of Rotuli parliamentorum and Domesday Book had already appeared by 1777 and 1784 respectively. Perhaps, to be precise, we should not strictly use the term "publication" for these two major texts. Originally, both Rotuli parliamentorum and Domesday Book were printed exclusively for the use of parliament and distributed only in parliamentary circles. Initially, they were not sold to the public or registered for copyright at Stationers' Hall. In fact, neither collection included any information on their title pages, causing much confusion about when and by whom they were actually printed (Condon & Hasam, 1984: 348-349).

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