Blauw, D & C

Large blank double sheet folded. Heavy laid paper. Watermarks: D & C Blauw + Strasburg Lily + 736.

Sheet size (unfolded): ca. 665 x 495 mm. Second half 18th century. Small holes in the fold.). Very nice condition. ¶ Several sheets available (12)
Please note that the pictures of the watermarks and structure of the paper do not represent the true colour of the paper as they were made with a lightsource behind the paper and manipulated to get a clear picture.¶ The name De Erven de Blauw derives from an imortant family of Dutch papermakers who began making paper in 1621. The papermakers founded by Dirk and Cornelis Blauw operated five wind-powered papermills in the Zaanstreek province of North Holland, and survived for over 250 years under many names. D & C Blauw was very well known for their quality. Therefore other paper mills copied their watermark. Looking closely at the watermarks and the paper, comparing that to other Blauw paper, one can conclude that this paper was made by another paper mill, who copied the watermark. This paper was probably made in France in the second half of the 18th century.

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