Burghoff Magnee & Cnie

Set of 2 blank sheets of laid paper with watermark Unicorn: on one sheet and Burghoff Magnee & Cnie on the other sheet

Sheet size 37 x 21 cm. Ca. 1840. Nice clean sheets
ΒΆ Burghoff Magnee & Cnie based in Roermond in the south of the Netherlands was in 1834 the first paper mill in the Netherlands to use a mechanised papermaking machine. On the other hand they were quite conservative: they refused to use wood for papermaking, making their paper more expensive than their competitors, which led to their closure in 1883. Please note that the pictures of the watermarks and structure of the paper do not represent the true colour of the paper as they were made with a lightsource behind the paper and manipulated to get a clear picture.

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