Melchior Junius; Zetzner.

Orationvm quae argentinensi in Academia, exercitii gratia scriptæ & recitatæ ab illvstr. generos. nobil. & aliis ... a` Melchiore Ivnio Witebergensi ... Tomi dvo, iuxta tria causarum genera dispositi: quorum primus tomus, orationes ad genus causæ demonstr

Argentorati, sumptibus hæredum Lazari Zetzneri. Anno M. DC. XX., [1620] [XVI], 1474 pp. Size: 185 x 115 x 95 mm. Beautiful blind-stamped German vellum binding. Blind stamped with a plate of Emperor Karel V size 5 x 7.5 cm. on the front cover. On the back cover a plate of Johann Friedrich von Sachsen. Previous owners name written in ink on title page. Blank end-papers missing. Some slight damp stains at the bottom part of some of the pages, but overall a nice copy. Very rare. No other copies for sale.
Melchior Junius was born in Wittenberg, the cradle of Lutheranism, in 1545, and spent his childhood there. In 1559 he began his secondary education at the gymnasium in Strasbourg where the head teacher was Johannes Sturm, who was to be a key influence on Junius’s vocation, as we shall see presently. In 1566 he entered the University of Strasbourg. After travelling around Europe and visiting the principal universities of France, Flanders and the Low Countries, he returned to Strasbourg as a teacher of Rhetoric. Here, in 1581 he founded an Academy, of which he was the head until 1593. He devoted his life completely to the Academy and its students until his death in 1604, four years after suffering a stroke. Such a learned man as Junius owed his didactic calling to his teacher, Sturm, who was regarded as the greatest educator of the Reformed Church; in fact, the model he used, both in the school of which he was headmaster and for his own teaching methods, was the prevailing humanistic one in sixteenth century Europe. According to Morhof’s glowing eulogy of Junius in his Polyhistor, however, the pupil surpassed the master as a teacher. Publisher: Heirs of Lazare Zetzner: In accordance with the last wishes of his father Lazare Zetzner, who died in 1616, Eberhard Zetzner (1586-1657) operates, under the name "Héritiers de Lazare Zetzner", his dispensary which remained in joint possession and administered until 1650 by the bookseller Joachim Bockenhoffer . When the latter died, Eberhard Zetzner opposed the division of the company. The reason "Héritiers de Lazare Zetzner" is used until at least 1655. Publications also known at the addresses of Frankfurt and Cologne

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