Samplebook with Japanese Washi Paper from the paper merchant Yamada Shoukai, No. 4. ca. 1955

Yamada Shoukai was a long-standing Washi store since 1908 and supplied many kinds of Washi from all over Japan, as well as making unique Washi products of exquisite quality, texture and particular features that have been matured by the local's cultural climate. Size 245 x 170 mm.
Consisting of a few hundred paper samples, many of them in duplo. A lot of different types of paper, hand made and machine made. Paper for wrapping, drawing, correspondence, bank notes, envelops, food, calligraphy, Imperial paper, paper for stocks and bonds, diploma's and certifificets, paper for the upper class, for wrapping presents, ikebana, for typewriters, Chinese painting, for paper parachtes, Kuzo, for diaries of soldiers, very strong paperfor paint brushes, improved paper etc.

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