Fletcher, William Y.
Bookbinding in England and France.
London: Seeley and Co, 1897. Original cloth. Two parts in one, Size: 27 x 18 cm. 80 pp. With 17 photo-chromo-lithographic plates and numerous black and white illustrations. Plate between page 18 and 19 some damage on the surface. Some loose pages.
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Miura, Kerstin Tini
Beautiful Bindings
Kyuryudo Co., Ltd, 1983.Japanese edition, 118 pp.; original dust jacket, Presentation copy, signed by the author. Size 29,5 x 22,5 cm. ISBN 4763083198 4763083198
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Miura, Kerstin Tini
My World of Bibliophile Binding
Publisher: Kyuryudo Co, Japan, 1980; Japanese edition, folio, 195 pp.; Presentation copy, signed by the author, illustrations, some in folding spreads. in slipbox, Size 34 x 26 cm.
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Schmidt, Dr. Phil. Christel
Jakob Krause, Ein Kursächsischer Hofbuchbinder des 16. Jahrhunderts
Verlag Karl W. Hierseman. Leipzig, 1925. Hardback. cloth. 83 pp. + 76 plates, 4 in colour. Size 315Ă—260 mm. Some spots on the endpapers. Very small wear on the spine. Jakob Krause (1531- 1585) was one of the greatest German bookbinders of his time.
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