A collection of Statutes of the Parliament of Great Britain. A very rare complete run of the beginning of the reign of Queen Victoria from 1838 right to the reign of Queeen Elizabeth until 1972 in 155 volumes.

London, Printed by George Eyre and others. Starts as: A collection of the Public General Statutes passed in the First and Second Year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria: Being the First Session of the Thirteenth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 1838. THROUGH to: The Public General Acts 1972. Hardbacks, half-leather, Ex Library County of Brecon. With 4 volumes boards detached, 3 volumes spine damaged, 1 volume spine missing, 1 volume part spine missing, 5 volumes spine (part) detached. Some foxing. Some rubbing on the bindings.The bindings and interiors are generally in good condition.
Extremely rare set.

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