Goudy, Frederic W.
Blank sheet of wove paper with watermark with portrait of Frederic W. Goudy
Size: ca. 25 x 17,5 cm. Printed:on back: "Watermark portrait of Frederic W. Goudy. Paper especially made by the Worthy Paper Company. The watermark also appears in the flyleaf at the back of this booklet". Condition: folded as issued Please note that the pictures of the watermarks and structure of the paper do not represent the true colour of the paper as they were made with a lightsource behind the paper and manipulated to get a clear picture.¶ Appeared in: Types of the past, type…
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Hunter, Dard
Blank sheet of wove paper with a large chiaroscuro watermark portrait of Dard Hunter and a counter watermark "Dard Hunter".
Size ca. 29,5 x 21,5 cm. Folded once. Single sheet of white mould-made wove paper carrying a large chiaroscuro watermark of Dard Hunter as a young man with his name in his Viennese lettering style. Deckled edges. Condition: Fine. ¶ Made by Dard Hunter himself. The mould was made in 1913 by W. Green, Son and Waite from a wax portrait by Paul Couvez after the now famous photograph by Clara Johnson.
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