Laid paper
A collection of 22 sheets of identical blank laid paper, No watermarks
First half 19th Century. Size ca. 31,5 x 21,5 cm. Very nice clean sheets
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Samshuijzen, Jelle
The Ingeborg M. Hartmann Collection of 142 old Watermarks
Rockingstone, Wageningen 2019. Practically all sheets are blank. Most of the watermarks are from the German speaking countries. 15th - 19th century. Boxed in a handmade Museum Portfolio Box, size 45 x 32 x 8 cm. , covered in black library Buckram cloth with white acid-free paper lining. The paper sheets are inserted in Archival Polyester Pockets Non-yellowing and inert, glass-clear museum standard polyester 50 micron 430mm x 307mm. Included is a printed catalogue of 65 pages with a description…
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Wove paper
A collection of 15 very large sheets of identical blank wove paper
Ca. 1860. Size ca. 56 x 42 cm. Quite thin paper
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Wove paper
A collection of 83 assorted blank wove large paper sheets
19th century. Size up to ca. 42 x 29 cm.
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Wove paper
Collection of 33 assorted sheets very large size early wove paper
Minimum height 45,4 cm. maximum height 67 cm. Minimum width 30,5 cm. Maximum wdth 50 cm. 33 sheets
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Wove paper
Collection of 29 early wove blank paper sheets
Size: ca. 36 x 25 cm. Identical paper
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Wove paper
A collection of 30 medium size assorted early wove paper sheets.
Minimum height 29,3 cm. maximum 33,3 cm. Minimum width 19,8 cm. Maximum width 25,8 cm. 30 sheets
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Wove paper
Collection of 60 large size assorted blank sheets early wove paper
Minimum height 34,2 cm. maximum height 40,3 cm. Minimum width 23 cm. Maximum width 28 cm. 60 sheets
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